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DERMATOLOGIST TESTED & RECOMMENDED CONTAINS PLANT-BASED FUNCTIONAL INGREDIENTS NO PRESERVATIVES** NO PARAFFIN, SILICONE & MINERAL OILS NO ANIMAL TESTING, OF COURSE*** ** Preservatives according to EU Cosmetics Regulation *** Animal testing of cosmetic products is prohibited in the EU | The KNEIPP® MINERAL BATH SALT “EUCALYPTUS” with valuable essential eucalyptus oil develops a pleasant aroma and can provide you with a beneficial bath experience when there is a risk of colds. | 1. ADD 3/4 CAP OF BATH SALT TO WARM BATH WATER, 2. ENJOY BATH FOR 15-20 MINUTES; WATER TEMPERATURE: 97°-100°F; For approx. 8-10 full baths | SODIUM CHLORIDE, EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS LEAF OIL, SODIUM METHYL OLEOYL TAURATE, SODIUM CARBONATE, POLYSORBATE 20, LIMONENE.

Winter Sun & Summer Moon

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