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10" Hand Carved/Hand Hammered 10" Singing Bowl SB-601


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Tibetan about 10" Hand hammer hand-carved singing bowl

 The Singing bowl comes with donut shape silk cushion, a wooden striker with swede and drum striker

Inside the Singing bowl is carved with 7 Chakra symbol within Yogi 

Outside around  the bowl is caved with Flame and Tibetan chanting of compassion Om Mane Pad mei Hum 

The singing bowl is Hand Hammer from the scratch and hand-carved by Master Artisan 

The singing bowl is made out of 7 Healing Metals-Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Tin, Iron and brass 

It produces a very deep tone and long-lasting vibrations

This bow is great for Meditation, Sound and Vibration healing and Feng Shui 

Handcrafted by Himalayan Artisan in Nepal

Winter Sun & Summer Moon

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