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Terms and Conditions

We at Winter Sun & Summer Moon appreciate your customer patronage and understand your time is important, however, please take a few minutes and read our Terms & Conditions to establish clear lines of communication and oneness of intent. Our Terms & Conditions clearly outline your purchase of our product(s) and confirms your understanding and agreement to follow our Terms & Conditions and be bound by them.

When you access and use our site, from your own equipment, you agree to our Terms of Agreement and WS & SM will not be held responsible or liable for any damages, incidents or repairs to your equipment when in connection to our site.

At times, as we update and make changes to our website data, changes made may be incorrect due to typographical errors, unintentional inaccuracies, omitted or deleted stats that correlate to a product(s) or a line description item. To the best of our ability our descriptions inclusive of pricing, availability, product warranties, discontinued notices is correct but always in constant revision. WS & SM reserves the right to make all corrections, updates, and modifications to our website and Terms & Agreements without notice and will not be held responsible for making any changes.

The products on our website are quoted in U.S. currency. We reserve the right to modify product changes as we see fit to continue to bring to you, what we feel, is a fair representation of our brand at both. If you viewed and or purchased merchandise that is no longer on the site and or available to WS & SM and you are still interested, we will try to the best of our ability to search for its availability via our vendors and or provide you with an other option.

Privacy Statement

WS & SM respects your privacy. We understand the importance of protecting any of your personal information you submit to us; your name, credit card, mailing/shipping address, email, telephone, etc. when making a purchase at our store or on the website. The information we obtain from you, inclusive of your shopping record is kept to solely process your order, assist you with reminders of items you already have, product updates, policy revisions and to simply provide you with a line of communication. Your information is never shared.

You may opt at any time to make changes to your information, to not receive any notices regarding WS & SM promotions, new items, seasonal or holiday but remain active in our system. You may also be completely deleted at any time for our system.

You can visit our website without providing any information about yourself. Do note that if you choose not to provide certain information that is needed to process your order you may not be able to purchase the product(s). If we need to contact you by email or phone it is only to address a specific matter that pertains to an order, status, confirmations and or entry request. We hope you understand why this is may occur even though you may chose to not receive communications from us. It is simply to maintain a direct line of communication, a courtesy call and not a marketing pitch.

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